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Degree Protractor
Features - Permanently etched graduations - Brass lock nut - Made of stainless steel ..
Ex Tax: $31.46
Measumax 0 - 4 Inch Imperial Outside Micrometer Set
  Outisde Micrometer Set - Imperial: Measumax micrometer sets include a deluxe fitted case, adjustment wrenches and setting standards. Features - Easy adjustment for recalibrating - Carbide tipped anvils - Micro-fine clear graduations on satin chrome finish - Painted frame - Resolution: 0.0001 Inch ..
Ex Tax: $181.50
Measumax 150mm / 6 Inch Digital Caliper (IP67 Coolant Proof)
Digital Readout. Change between metric and imperial at the touch of a button. Conforms to IP67 Coolant Proof specifications...
Ex Tax: $217.80
Measumax Combination Set 4 Piece
Features - 4 piece set - Engraved graduations on protractor - Satin chrome 300mm / 12 inch rule - Cast iron ground finished - Foam lined plastic case..
Ex Tax: $119.79
Measumax Dial Caliper 0 - 200mm
Description Measumax Dial Calipers combine the protection of a covered rack with Micro-fine graduations, and the accuracy of a hardened stainless steel rack. Features - Precision dial calipers with stainless steel slide tinite coated top and bottom - Clear graduations on the dial and beam - Smooth movement from precision internal movement - Easy zero adjustment of the dial - Supplied in foam lined plastic case - Accuracy ±0.03mm..
Ex Tax: $145.20
Measumax Dial Indicator 0 - 1 inch
Features - Face ø58mm - Back plate mounting lug - Smooth movement - In-out tolerance marker - Supplied in foam lined plastic case with calibration certificate..
Ex Tax: $66.55
Measumax Dial Indicator 0 - 10mm
Features - Face ø58mm - Back plate mounting lug - Smooth movement - In-out tolerance marker - Supplied in foam lined plastic case with calibration certificate..
Ex Tax: $66.55
Measumax Dial Indicator 0 - 10mm (Water Proof)
Features - Scratch and chemical resistant crystal - Smooth movement with water proof design - O ring set between the body and bezel - Rubber boot over the spindle - Flat back and back lug supplied - Individual serial numbers with corresponding calibration certificate - Supplied in plastic case..
Ex Tax: $96.80
Measumax Dial Test Indicator 0 - 0.8mm
Features - The dial test indicator is ideally suited for all kinds of comparative measurements in the workshop and inspection room - It also can be used together with machine tools, apparatus and other measuring devices - Steel ball end - Jewel movement - measuring in both directions..
Ex Tax: $107.69
Measumax Digital Caliper 200mm / 8 inch
Description Coolant Proof IP-67. Precision digital calipers with stainless steel body and slides. Ideal application where dust and coolant is prevalent The international ratings organisation explain the following conditions for IP-67 The 6 denotes: Protected against dust - limited ingress (no harmful deposit) The 7 denotes: Protected against immersion between a depth of 15cm to 1 meter in fluids Features - New ABSOLUTE measuring system with memory hold and ABS/INC - Fully protected against the penetration of liquids - IP-67 prevents dust, water or oil from entering the caliper through effect..
Ex Tax: $242.00
Measumax Digital Height Gauge 0 - 300mm / 12 inch
Description Measumax single column Digital Height Gauge 300mm with sturdy base and clear LCD display. Features - Power ON/OFF - Zero at any position - Metric/Imperial conversion - Carbide tipped scriber - Large base and thick column for rigidity, lapped for flatness - Stainless steel - Fine adjustment carriage. - Engage and disengage hand wheel - Supplied in foam packing with cardboard sleeve..
Ex Tax: $544.50
Measumax Digital Protractor
Description The Measumax DP360 is a revolutionary tool that allows for an accuracy of 0.1° at the vertical and horizontal planes and 0.2° accuracy at all the other angles. The front panel buttons can be used to capture the current reading or set up an alternate angle. The display remains upright when the protractor is inverted. The unit can be recalibrated in the field. Features - Full 360° range (90° x 4) - Easy to read LCD screen that remains upright at all times - Aluminium frame - Resolution:0.1° - Hold reading function..
Ex Tax: $133.10