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Height Gauges
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Measumax Digital Height Gauge 0 - 300mm / 12 inch
Description Measumax single column Digital Height Gauge 300mm with sturdy base and clear LCD display. Features - Power ON/OFF - Zero at any position - Metric/Imperial conversion - Carbide tipped scriber - Large base and thick column for rigidity, lapped for flatness - Stainless steel - Fine adjustment carriage. - Engage and disengage hand wheel - Supplied in foam packing with cardboard sleeve..
$598.95 Ex Tax: $544.50
Measumax Height Gauge 300mm / 12 inch
Features - Dual imperial/metric scale - Fine adjustment - Zero setting scale adjustment - Carbide-tipped scriber - Includes Dial Gauge Holder Ø8mm..
$153.07 Ex Tax: $139.15