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Countersink Sets
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Alcock HSS Countersink Set 4 Piece
Description Ideal as a deburring tool, where the burr from a previous machining operation needs to be removed for cosmetic and safety reasons or where chatter needs to be eliminated. Can be used in softer materials (such as wood or plastic) to create a countersunk hole for a screw. Features: Cross hole type HSS M2 Bright Finish Angle 45° Range: 2-5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20mm..
$86.52 Ex Tax: $78.65
Alcock HSS Countersink Set 6 Piece
Description The fluted countersink cutter is used to provide a heavy chamfer in the entrance to a drilled hole or for countersink fasteners. The heads of the fasteners are often 60°, but usually another angle is used if that is the cutter that is at hand, and the difference usually doesn't matter. Features 3 flute type HSS M2 Bright Finish Range: 1.5-6.3, 6.3 - 8.3, 8.3 - 10.4, 10.4-12.4, 12.4-16.5, 16.5-20.5mm..
$99.83 Ex Tax: $90.75
Guhring HSS Countersink Set (M3-M12)
Guhring HSS Countersink Set Contains: M3 - M12 Countersinks ..
$180.29 Ex Tax: $163.90
Vertex Countersink 20 to 36mm
Capacity 20 to 36mm. Comes with one insert. (Takes TCMT 16T304 Inserts)..
$145.20 Ex Tax: $132.00
Vertex Countersink 3 to 25mm
Capacity 3 to 25mm. Comes with one insert. (Takes TCMT 16T304 Inserts)..
$106.48 Ex Tax: $96.80