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Power Hacksaw Blades

Power Hacksaw Blades
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Bahco Power Hacksaw Blade 10 TPI 350mm x 32mm (14 inch x 1.1/4 inch)
3809 Sandflex flexible bi-metal HSS - A flexible, tough power hacksaw blade of bi-metal material, with a toothed strip of high speed steel and a backing strip of spring steel, built up in the same way as our hand hacksaw blades. Carefully hardened, with precision-milled and precision-set teeth. The Sandflex bi-metal blade can withstand higher feed pressures, cutting speeds and blade tension than conventional power hacksaw blades, without the risk of blade failure. This ensures high performance in all power hacksawing of homogeneous materials, and also of rolled sections and tubular wor..
$31.46 Ex Tax: $28.60