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Thread Restorers
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Toledo Thread Restore (Tap, Die And File Set)
Rethread kit for the repair and maintenance of damaged threads. Suitable for restoring a wide variety of metric and SAE threads. Includes tap and dies covering metric and imperial (UNC and UNF) and three double ended thread files. Colour coded for identification between UNF, UNC and Metric. All tap and dies are hex shaped. Supplied in plastic moulded case with identification locations...
$290.40 Ex Tax: $264.00
Precision 48 Piece Master Thread Restorer Kit
Made in the USA Contains UNC, UNF and Metric Taps, Dies, Thread Files..
$284.35 Ex Tax: $258.50
Toolmaster Thread Repair Kit 130 Piece Metric
Description Universal kit for the repair of damaged and stripped threads restoring them back to better that original state through the use of stainless steel inserts. Features: 1 piece fully ground drill (per size) 1 piece DIN352 HSS tap (per size) 1 x insert handle (per size) 25 Stainless steel threaded inserts of each size: M5x0.8mm, M6x1.0mm, M8x1.25mm, M10x1.5mm) 10 Stainless steel threaded inserts M12x1.75mm..
$218.15 Ex Tax: $198.32