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250mm Accud Digital Protractor
SPECIFICATIONS Range: 360° Resolution: 0.05° Accuracy: ±0.15° Size: 250mm Measuring ranges: 0°~225°, -225°~0°, -45°~180°, -180°~45°   FEATURES Buttons: ON/OFF, HOLD, ZERO, ABS Remove the locking screw for 360° range Level Vial Automatic power off ..
$181.50 Ex Tax: $165.00
Degree Protractor
Features - Permanently etched graduations - Brass lock nut - Made of stainless steel ..
$34.61 Ex Tax: $31.46
Measumax Digital Protractor
Description The Measumax DP360 is a revolutionary tool that allows for an accuracy of 0.1° at the vertical and horizontal planes and 0.2° accuracy at all the other angles. The front panel buttons can be used to capture the current reading or set up an alternate angle. The display remains upright when the protractor is inverted. The unit can be recalibrated in the field. Features - Full 360° range (90° x 4) - Easy to read LCD screen that remains upright at all times - Aluminium frame - Resolution:0.1° - Hold reading function..
$146.41 Ex Tax: $133.10
Toolmaster Digital Angle Gauge 'Angelo'
This tool is invaluable for many angle measuring and transfer applications. It is simplicity itself to operate. The main body houses the electronics that provides a very clear detailed LCD display. The body incorporates a levelling vial and the pivoting arm. When the arm is moved the angle it makes with the base is displayed to the nearest 0.5 Degree. The measuring range is 0 - 360 Degrees. The vial allows variations from the vertical and the horizontal to be accurately measured. Other features include a hold function to prevent the last measurement being lost, a low battery indicator and auto..
$95.17 Ex Tax: $86.52
Toolmaster Digital Bevel Box
This digital bevel box is a mini protractor that provides digital readings between ±180 degrees with a resolution of 0.1 degree and auto shut off after 5 minutes. It is small enough to be carried around in a pocket and the LCD screen is convenient to read. It incorporates magnets in the base for accuracy when measuring mitre and bevel angles on mitre saws, saw benches etc. Works great for mitre saws and table saws in setting blade angle accurately as well as and setting the angle of jointer fences and band saw tables. Features - Mini digital protractor that provides digital readings between..
$90.77 Ex Tax: $82.52