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Toledo Grease Nipple Thread Gauge
Aluminium construction with mounting holes. Designed to check 21 of the most popular thread types. Grease nipple identification made easy...
Ex Tax: $54.54
Toledo Hydraulic Nut Splitter Kit 9 Piece
Utilises a 10 tonne hydraulic power system to drive the five nut splitting blades provided. Hardened, durable cutting blades of 3/8 Inch, 1/2 Inch, 5/8 Inch, 3/4 Inch and 1 Inch. Capable of splitting hexagon mild steel nuts to a maximum of 1 1/2 Inch (38mm) across the flat without causing damage to the stud or bolt. Not suitable for splitting high tensile or deep wall nuts...
Ex Tax: $509.09
Toledo Spring Clamp 50mm Carded
Flex jaw spring clamp manufactured from high strength plastic. Light weight, holds object without force concentration...
Ex Tax: $5.74
Toledo Taper Gauge 15-30mm
Fully heat treated, stainless steel. Photographically etched markings. 15 - 30mm. Made in Japan. ..
Ex Tax: $50.18
Toledo Universal Thread Gauge Set
Easily identify bolts, fittings, pipe threads and spark plugs with BSP, SAE, or Metric threads...
Ex Tax: $17.38
Geiger Magnetic Clean Up Wand
Length 400mm Weight 0.47kg Lifting Capacity 6.3kg..
Ex Tax: $60.00