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Kincrome Smart Grease Gun Pistol / Lever

Brand: Kincrome
Product Code: K8081
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Kincrome Smart Grease Gun Pistol / Lever

Pistol Grip
6.5 inch Rigid hose included
Lever Action
18 inch Flex hose included
Pistol Grip and Lever Action
Two-way Operation
Working pressure 4500psi / burst pressure 10000psi (one-hand)
Working pressure 6000psi / burst pressure 10000psi (two-hand)
Capacity: 450 cc/16OZ Cartridge or Bulk: 500cc
3-way filling (Bulk Fill, Pressure Fill and 450cc Cartridge)
Bleeder valve for purging air
Non Slip Tube Holder
18 inch Flex hose and Rigid hose
Working Pressure:
18 inch (460mm Flex Hose)
6.5inch (160mm Rigid Hose)

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